Our Services

Mission Statement

The mission of UYCS medical department is to follow the integrated care model for monitoring and maintaining the care of our clients.


The services that United Youth Care Services offer is primary care needs, preventative care, testing and counseling, immunizations, and chronic care needs. Our on-site Nurse Practitioners and medical team provide an array of services which include; Degenerative Joint Disease Treatment (Osteoarthritis Injections), TM Flow Testing (Autonomic Nervous System Testing), Bladder Scans, Allergy Testing & Shots, STD/HIV testing, Mental Health Services, and Respiratory Viral Testing. If you or someone you know need these medical services, please call us at: +1 (336) 370-9232 ext. 117 for more information. The Medical Team here at United Youth Care Services is here to hit your medical needs because “You” are worth it.

Mental Health

United Youth Care Services Serving your Mental Health and Developmental Disability Needs with Professional & Personalized Services Because you are worth it!

Substance Abuse

Comprehensive Outpatient Therapy includes case management to arrange, link or integrate multiple services as well as assessment of the recipient's need for services.

Teen Crisis Texting: +1 (336) 355-5375 or +1 (336) 355-5376

United Youth Care Services focuses on the overall TEEN CRISIS TEXING program and volunteer opportunities. We cover the most common types of text received on the hotline and how they are handled by Teen Line, with discussion and demonstration experientially.

Text with UYCS Counselors
+1 (336) 355-5375
+1 (336) 355-5376